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City of Toronto Dog License - 4 Reasons to do this Today!

Black lab showing affection with owner
Why you need a City of Toronto Dog License

Bringing a new dog or puppy into your home is one of the most exciting life decisions you can make. With that decision comes a lot of new responsibilities and tasks added to your plate. One task that often gets missed by many dog owners is licencing their dog. I often speak to new dog owners who tell me they had no idea they were supposed to licence their dog in Toronto.

So let's now go through the reasons why you should get a Dog Licence in Toronto!


1. It's the law

All dogs in Toronto must be licenced with the city, it is mandatory. If you do not do this, you could get a ticket or, after an ignored warning, even end up in court. The fine for not licencing your dog in Toronto is $249. Your licence needs to be renewed every year and should be on your dog's collar at all times. The cost for licencing your dog is only $25. See below how that fee helps support local dogs in need.


2. It helps missing dogs find their home.

help shelter dogs like this one by getting a city of toronto dog license

We all can't imagine this ever happening to us, but yet somehow, it's almost daily that I see a post somewhere on social media of a dog gone missing. Maybe they escaped from a backyard or got too far away while off-leash. Dog's going missing is a real issue. Having your dog's licence displayed on them helps your dog get back to you quickly if there is an emergency and they do get out of your sight. Nobody wants their dog to end up in a shelter unnecessarily!


Dog visiting vet for emergency vet care

3. Helps to support local


Every penny you spend to licence your dog goes to help the thousands of dogs that end up in shelters every year.

I had a call with the city to ask what some of the ways your pet licencing fee is spent and this is what they told me:

  • Food and shelter for stray and missing dogs

  • 24-hour emergency rescue for dogs in need

  • Vet care for dogs in shelters

  • Spay / neutering programs

  • The adoption process


4. Discounts to local dog-related businesses!

Yes, that's right! We all love a deal! When you licence your dog, it automatically registers you to the BluePaw Pet Licencing Rewards program. Some of these rewards include grooming services, pet photography, pet food products, veterinary care and Dog Walking Toronto! We Wag Toronto is proud to announce that we are now part of the BluePaw program. We are offering a 25% discount for the first week to new BluePaw reward members. Show us proof that you got your dog licenced and we will apply your discount for the week!


How to get a City of Toronto Dog License

Call (416) 338-7387

Make sure to have your credit card ready; it will only take 5 minutes to complete. You will get your dog's licence by mail, and it usually does not take more than a week to arrive!


Check out DAWGTAG a local Toronto company that makes customized Dog Tags that have your: Name, Number, Dog Licence and Rabies Vaccination right on them. They also come in cool designs and work directly with the city to get it done!

Help support local dogs in need and protect yours by licencing your dog today!


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