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Meet the Founder

Nicola Smith

Born and raised on a farm outside of Guelph, Nicola grew up around animals where she became very attached to the 4 family Rottweilers. Her love for her dogs inspired a strong interest in canine behaviour, which was nurtured through investigative reading and practice, trying to understand how to best apply training techniques.


At age 18, Nicola moved to Toronto to pursue post secondary education in the field of Marketing. Upon completion of her studies, she was scouted out by a local agency as a professional model. Within 3 months of being discovered, Nicola was sent to Europe where she began a 5 year international modelling career with features in print, editorial, commercial and runway work.


While travelling and working as a model, Nicola developed a keen interest in the business of fashion. At age 27 she ventured into her first business; a Jewelry line. Her company was featured in many fashion magazines and TV shows including a segment on Breakfast Television.


Her journey then took her to office jobs where she quickly came to the conclusion that sitting at a desk could never be her calling, no matter how hard she tried.


Nicola moved on leaving her office job in downtown Toronto to start We Wag Toronto and has not looked back. She finally came back to her roots returning to what has always made her the happiest; to being active, being outdoors and to be working with dogs.



We Wag Toronto operates dog walking services in Downtown Toronto, The Beaches, Leslievile/Riverdale and has a separate division in the Annex and Yorkville area known as Yorkville Dog Walking.

Nicola in the News

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Helping Dogs Everywhere


Love Puppies Charity

Founder of We Wag Toronto, Nicola joined Love Puppies, a grassroots, registered not-for-profit organization; with a passionate mandate to improve the lives of our furry best friends through a number of annual initiatives. 


Love Puppies assists multiple dog-related charities to attain their goals in a variety of ways; by bringing people together in various venues to raise public awareness and fundraising, in an effort to end the inhumane treatment of dogs.


Get connected to Love Puppies and see how you can make a difference too!

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