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The Beaches

The Lower Beaches


At We Wag, we offer daily dog walking in The Beaches area of Toronto. 


In our lower Beach walks, we walk our dogs through Woodbine Beach, Kew Beach, Scarborough Beach and Balmy Beach.


Whether we're walking with our pack on the boardwalk, making footprints in the sand, or on the beaches park trails, our goal is to make sure your pup is happy and safe at all times. 


The Upper Beaches


Our Upper Beaches walks are through the local neighbourhoods and parks. Because we are locals to the Upper Beaches, why know where to walk your pup to make sure he or she is in there happiest place.


All of our walks are on leash. Outside of potty breaks, we are always in constant movement. Because we are always on the move, we are confident that when your is with us, they are releasing the maximum amount of energy. Proper leash walking helps your dog to be in the best shape possible while maintaining a calm and happy state of mind. 

About We Wag Toronto

Quality Pet Care


Every walk is made with love. We love your pup and we love walking. It is our commitment to bring your dog home tired and happy every day.


  • First Aid Certified

  • Insured and Bonded

  • Experienced in canine behaviour and body language

  • Focused on safety and positive reinforcement

  • Trustworthy and reliable


What to Expect


  • A stress free environment for your furry best friend

  • FREE consultation, we want to learn about your pup!

  • Walks take place through local trails, parks and neighbourhood

  •  On leash walks so your dog comes home tired

  • Post walk update

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