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Transportation for your Toronto Dog


Who loves to bring their dog with them everywhere? I sure do. If my dog is allowed to go where I am going, more times than not, he is coming.

As someone who has had not one dog but two large dogs at once, I would have to say that one of the more difficult challenges I faced with my dogs is getting them from point A to point B. And no, I do not drive.

So here we go; I decided to dedicate this blog to Pet Transportation in Toronto. Scroll through to learn about the TTC, Go Train, VIA, Water Taxi's, Ubers.


Can I bring my dog on the TTC?

You can bring your leashed dog on the TTC during the weekends and weekdays in off-peak periods. Off-peak means do not bring your dog with you during rush hour; they will get denied. The TTC classified off-peak as before 6.30 am; after 10 am, and then before 3.30 pm; and again after 7 pm. Of course, a service animal is the exception and can travel with his or her handler at any time.


Can I bring my dog on the Go Train?

The Go Train will allow you to travel on it with no more than two leashed dogs per person, and you must use the lower level of the train. Like the TTC, they have rules regarding timing and restrictions when it comes to riding during rush hour times. You are allowed to travel with your dog on weekdays between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. and from 6:30 p.m. until the end of service, and all day on weekends and holidays.


Can I bring my dog on VIA Rail?

VIA Rail does allow dogs or pets to travel with their owner if they are small enough to fit in a carrier that meets their guidelines. The carrier and your dog together must not weigh more than 22 lbs.

These are the exact measurements to follow as a maximum size:

Height :

  • 27 cm (10,5 in,)

Width :

  • 40 cm (15,5 in,)

Length :

  • 55 cm (21,5 in.)

The rule to follow for carrier size to your dog's size is that it must stand up and turn around comfortably with no part of your dog being outside of it. Your dog must spend the entire ride in this carrier and only be placed by your feet.

Also, you must register your dog as a rider 48 hours before your departure.

There is a charge to bring your dog on board. VIA Rail considers it an addition to the carry-on baggage allowance. It is estimated the cost is $50 per direction. If you choose to buy an extra seat for your dog, "the carrier can then be placed on the floor at the foot of the adjacent seat rather than at the passenger's feet"

To book your dog's trip in advance, please call:

1-888-VIA-RAIL (1-888-842-7245)


Can I bring my dog in a water taxi?

We checked out the Toronto Harbour Water Taxi and Tiki Taxi, which take dogs, and they are both free of charge! Woohoo, we love to hear that!


Uber and dogs

I think depending on the size of your dog, ordering an Uber can be either more difficult or relatively easy. For me, when I had two large dogs, it was almost impossible. But even with one large dog, I have found getting an Uber tough most of the time. Whenever I order an Uber, the first thing I do when assigned a driver is call and text to ask if they will allow a dog in their car. More often than not, the driver does not respond; they will show up and either tell me no dogs allowed or drive off. When they do pick up, the most common answer I get is no. On average, to find one driver who will take me, I first have four who will deny me.

Apparently, you should be able to request a dog-friendly ride through Uber, but this function does not show on my app even after updating through the app store. I am using the iPhone 12 pro and have now updated multiple times without any luck. Anyone else have this issue?

Luckily because we are an on-leash Dog Walking Service, most of my days are spent on foot locally.


Good old fashioned Taxi service

It seems rare to see a taxi these days, doesn't it? Hey, if you are looking to get a car to ride in with your dog, this might still be an excellent option. You can call the dispatcher, talk on the phone and request a vehicle that allows dogs.

Dog Taxi Toronto
Dog Taxi

Pet Taxi Service

Paws En Route

Paws En Route is a transportation service explicitly geared to transporting dogs and pets. You have the option to accompany your dog on a ride, or you can also send your dog from one location to another with a dog-friendly, Pet First Aid Certified experienced, driver.

They do both short and long-haul trips booked either through their app or a quick phone call to one of their friendly staff.

We sat down with Dacia who is the CEO of Paws En Route to find out more about their business. Watch our video to learn how this Toronto company began, what they have going on next, and what they offer.


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