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Ontario Hiking Trails with your Dog

Anyone feel like during COVID, all the weekends and days kind of blur together from one to the next? Thankfully the warm weather is finally here to help us all get excited about our first warm long weekend of 2021!

If you do not have plans yet for this weekend yet, I cannot think of anything better to do than to get outside on a trail with your dog. I wrote this blog to share with you some of my favourite trails not too far from Toronto. I hope it gives you some ideas of new places to check out with exciting scenery for you and new smells for your pup. I would love to hear what you think and also to find out what some of your favourite trails are! I am always looking to add to my list of best hiking trails in Ontario!


1. Rattlesnake Point

If you have not been to walk the trails at Rattlesnake Point, this is an absolute must this summer! Growing up, this was our family's favourite and regular spot to hike with our dogs. The trails are a great workout with many hills to climb and an unreal escarpment to take a break and check out the view. Dogs are supposed to stay on a leash on the trail. There can be a lot of wildlife, so it's probably a good idea to do so. Also, make sure to book in advance. Since COVID, there is a mandatory reservation needed to visit.

Cute dog looking over escarpment
Wilma at Rattlesnake Point PHOTO CRED: @wilma.s_world

Drive from Toronto: 1 hours


2. Tobermory

I have not been in a few years, but this is another favourite spot of mine. I remember posting videos in my story section on Instagram when visiting and getting many messages asking where I was. People were shocked that they did not know about this beautiful spot. The water is crystal blue, and there are many nearby trails to check out with your pup. Lyla and I used to go and walk by the Grottos, along the water's edge at Cyprus lake and around the Bruce Peninsula National Park. To visit this place, you need to reserve a hotel or bed and breakfast. Tobermory is a whole weekend adventure because there is so much to see and trust me, it's worth the drive!

Also, if you are walking around the Grottos, wear proper shoes with a grip. The rocks are slippery and can be dangerous!

Cute puppy on an Ontario Trail in Tobermory
Tobii in Tobermory PHOTO CRED: @astrobivy

Drive from Toronto: 4 hours


3. Ignatius Jesuit Centre

I grew up on a farm outside of Guelph and was lucky enough to have many great trails nearby, but the Ignatius Jesuit Centre trails were always exceptional. Every time I have visited this place, I have felt an immense sense of peace and a heightened spiritual connection. There are many trails to see at this special place and points to stop and sit and reflect, taking it all in. Dogs are welcome, but they ask that dogs stay on a leash and that people please stay on the designated trails.

beautiful summer day and a happy dog at Ignatius Jesuit Centre
Frankie at Ignatius Jesuit Cantre PHOTO CRED: @frankiesbulldoglife

Drive from Toronto: About one hour


4. Hilton Falls Conservation

This place is known for its 10-metre waterfall and surrounding hiking trails. There are two waterfalls, many lookout points, and a few different routes, with varying difficulty levels. To be specific, there is 30 km of trails, and it is, of course, dog-friendly. Be sure to book in advance as per the new COVID guidelines. Have your camera ready because you will want to snap lots of pictures with the famous waterfall. Tag us on Instagram @wewag.toronto, and we will repost your photo in our story section!

cute dog under the falls on an ontario trail
Gordo at Hilton Falls Conservation PHOTO CRED:

Drive from Toronto: About one hour


5. Dundas Peak and Tew Falls in Hamilton

Dundas Peak has great lookout points while walking along the trails. I have only been there in the fall, which is incredibly gorgeous, but it is now on my to-do list this summer. It takes about 2 hours to make it through the trail and isn't very difficult. The dogs must be on leash here. If you go this summer, I would love to hear what you think! Tag us in a photo and send us a note. Make sure to reserve online during COVID times.

cute dog under a waterfall
Islah visiting Tew's Falls PHOTO CRED: @islahandindie

Drive from Toronto: About one hour


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