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10 Best Gifts for Dog Lovers

Being a dog mom or dad makes you a special kind of person. If you are a good dog owner, you probably love affection, are compassionate, love to play, can have a silly side and a sense of humor. With all this in mind, I came up with a list of gifts targeted to dog owners that I think any pup pawrent would love.


1. Ontario Doggos Yoga Mat

dog yoga mat

We are calling all yoga lovers! If you know someone who loves yoga or working out and loves dogs, this is a great and unique gift. This mat has 18 dog breeds on it while also giving you the cushion and support you need. Also, it's a great conversation starter at the gym or in yoga class.


2. Personalized Dog Sweatshirt

personalized pet sweatshirt

Who wouldn't want a sweatshirt with their dog's name embroidered on it? Ok, that's not an actual question because the answer is anyone who owns a dog. Available in three color options, White, Grey, and Tan. The only negative is that there are only 20 dog breeds available to choose from, so it may not be available for the dog needed. If it is, this is a sure win.


3. Dog Face Mug

mug with dog face

Coffee and dogs! I cannot think of a better way to start the day every day. A personalized mug is something sure to bring a smile to any dog owner's face every sip they take! All you will need is a high-quality photo of their pet, and then choose your theme colour. Thankfully to social media, getting a great picture should be a pretty easy task!


4. Custom Pet Print Fleece Blanket

dog portrait blanket

With the colder winter months ahead, you can never have too many blankets. Whether it's for a movie night snuggled in front of the TV or an extra blanket in your room, this pet face blanket is a fun gift for dog lovers. It can take 2-3 weeks to ship to Canada, so make sure to order this soon!!


5. Furbo Dog Camera with Treat Tosser

With many people going back to the office, many of us are getting used to leaving our dogs alone for long periods for either the first time or in a long time. Setting up a camera to check in on them can be a huge stress reliever. We thought this one was enjoyable because this device notifies you when they are barking, and it allows you to chat with your pet and give treats to them!! Pretty cool, eh!


6. Toronto Dog Moms Keychain

Dog Keychain

We love this Toronto Dog Mom keychain because not only is it super cute, but it reps Toronto, our city and the fact that we are such proud dog pawrents!


7. Custom Dog Socks

Dog Socks

This is a fun/funny gift for dog owners. Be ready for a good chuckle and maybe some funny photos to come! You can't go wrong with this gift, and it won't break the bank.


8. Car Seat Cover

Dog Walking equiptment for your car

Do you have any dog owner friends whose car seats are constantly covered in fur? Why not get them a car seta cover? A cover is a thoughtful gift that is super practical. The one we chose is waterproof, scratchproof and slip-proof! Their car seats will undoubtedly thank you for this gift.


9. Pet Leash Hanger Hooks

dog walkers leash organizer

As Dog Walkers, we always love when it's easy to find our clients' harnesses. I'm sure everyone can agree that having a designated space for leashes/harnesses/equipment is always helpful when rushing out for those potty breaks and dog walks. We chose this because it's practical and it's fun/stylish


10. Dog Doormat

Door Mat for dog lovers

This dog mat is not only functional but will bring a smile to dog lovers alike. If you have a dog that sheds, it's likely you find hair in all types of places and can relate to this 'sorry for all the dog hair' Though you may tell, you may not be sorry, hehe


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