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Myths and Benefits - Interview with a Raw Dog Food Expert

Since COVID began and the gloomy lockdown days hit us all, everyone has had to get creative with how they work and how they move around in this world.

Besides Dog Walking Toronto, one of the things we started doing is Instagram LIVE Interviews with experts in different areas related to dogs. We have always been writing blogs, but we thought this is a cool and interactive way to share information with our viewers.

We have loved doing these videos so much, so we have wanted to continue them but in a shorter format.

This edition is our first jab at our new video interview work, and we would love to hear what you think.

We also have a youtube channel where you can find all of our video adventures over the past years.

For this interview session, we sat down with the owner of Raw 101 to hear what she thinks about the myths and the benefits of feeding dogs raw food.

We hope you find this information useful and remind you always to do your own research when deciding what is right for you and your pet.



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