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5 Reasons your dog needs to be walked in Toronto

"Did you know our little furry friends need exercise everyday to keep their joints nice and limber along with keeping their heart nice and healthy."

1. Your dog will not walk itself 

Many people think that letting their dog out in their backyard counts as a walk. This absolutely does not count as a walk. Dogs are pack animals; they want to be with their pack and with you, their leader. Because of this, it is highly unlikely your dog will get any exercise at all outside in your backyard. Unless you plan on running laps with your dog in your backyard, let's keep the backyard for potty breaks. If you don't have the time to walk your dog, no problem, hire a Toronto dog walking service.

2) To increase overall health 

Like humans, dogs need to be exercised regularly to be healthy. Walking  provides an outlet for pent-up energy, helps to regulate weight, increases limberness, establishes regular sleeping patterns, builds stronger muscles and bones; counteracting diseases such as osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, liver disease and insulin resistance. Walking your dog also provides mental stimulation for them, boosting natural hormone levels that reduce stress and make a happier puppy all around. Isn't that what we all want; a happy, healthy puppy?

3) Training

The correct way to walk a dog is to have the dog walking either beside you, or behind you, and never in front of you. Allowing a dog to be in front of you, tells the dog that they are leading you. In a pack of dogs, the leader will always go first. Establishing proper leash walking will help your dog to feel secure and comfortable with you as their leader; and that established trust in your leadership will affect your dog’s dog’s all-around mood and behaviour everywhere, in and outside of the home. Regular walks will help decrease those unwanted problem behaviours, such as hyperactivity, excessive barking or chewing. If your dog is acting out, a need exists that is not being met; you need to give them something constructive to do.

4) Bonding

Studies have shown that people who walk their dogs have a stronger attachment to them. 

Walking together provides you both with optimal opportunities to truly know each other intimately. Your dog loves to go for walks and loves to be with you. And just as you take notice of how your dog is reacting to outside stimuli; your dog is processing your responses; you are interacting while having experiences together. Everything hinges on the relationship you create as the alpha of the pack. If you lead well, your dog will respect, trust and adore you for attending to its needs within prescribed boundaries. Your reward, a happy, calm and confident dog, secure in entrusting you to lead.

Moreover, it is interesting to take note of how much we have in common with our four-legged friends as we all need exercise, companionship, attention, affection and direction; and all relationships require effort and spending engaged time together. Therefore, we can easily conclude that while walking our dog our own needs are being met. A win-win relationship is one that will forever thrive.

5) Socializing

I cannot stress enough how important it is to socialize your dog! By introducing them to as many different things as possible, your dog will learn to trust your leadership and relax, knowing there is nothing to fear.

When I picked up my Rottweiler puppy, Lyla, she was a very nervous dog who would cower at basically everything. I knew that because of this fear, it was  absolutely essential to familiarize her with as many elements as possible. I began the socializing process by walking her around other dogs, on busy streets with lots of traffic and noises, as well as people passing by; we traveled on streetcars, we played with children and met people of all different races. I wanted her to feel that the world is a safe place and she didn’t have to be fearful. I also wanted her to learn proper manners in all scenarios. Lyla overcame her anxious and fearful state, becoming a dog who does not scare or react negatively in everyday life situations. She walks with confidence, she loves everyone and everything, she is happy, calm, and non-reactive. She has seen it all; she trusts me as her leader and feels the world is a safe place. Thus, walking your dog provides the most opportunities to acquaint them with the social environment within which they are to live peaceably, creating a well balanced happy, and confident dog.


Anyone who has a dog knows that it can be challenging finding the time and energy to walk every day. Whether you work long hours away from home or work from home, many variables often come into play when trying to accommodate your furry friend on a daily outing. While walking every day would benefit both you and your dog, circumstances may be such that you simply cannot find the time to do so. In such cases, hiring a reputable dog walker is a very good option. Make sure that you find someone, who loves dogs as much as you love yours. As a Toronto dog walking service, we pride ourselves on the love we give to every doggie. We Wag Toronto Dog Walking Services are available in The Beaches, Riverdale, Regent Park, and now Downtown Toronto.


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