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Dog grooming at home during COVID-19

Over the past few weeks, I have received a handful of questions from owners asking me questions about dog grooming at home. This quarantine has been tough for most of us, and not having access to a groomer is just one aspect that, for some, has posed a challenge. Last week to help with some of these questions, I put together an Instagram LIVE video session with expert dog groomer Deidre Howard, owner of Tailspin Dog Spa Toronto. We also took in live questions from owners. Because it was my first time doing an Instagram live, it was a bit of a learning experience, but we got some great content. In this article, I go through the tips that we discussed in our LIVE and a few more.


dog in bath with a dog professional
Bathing your dog by an expert


1. Use lukewarm water

Make sure you only use lukewarm water when bathing. Your dog might love getting out and jumping in cold water while your out by the beach, but it is not recommended, even not safe, to bathe your dog in cold water, especially when it is winter outside.

2. Potty break before bathing

Something about that water is going to make your dog have to pee right after their bath. You probably do not want your dog going out right after you wash them because they will likely want to roll to dry off. Also, depending on the temperature outside, it is not advised to let them out while wet.

3. Brushing your dog

To learn when to brush your dog and what type of brush to use, watch our featured video.

4. Use a loofah sponge

Using a loofah is a great way to get in all the hard to reach spots gently and effectively. It is soft on your dog the same way it is for us!

5. Towel Dry

Get your towels ready; we usually use three towels for our big fur babies. Give a vigorous towel down to get all the excess water out and then let them air dry.

6. Treat time

Let's create positive experiences for our pups so they will not dread bath time. Have their favorite treats or bone ready for them post bathing.


Nail Care

1. Length

If you are not experienced with nail trimming, the key is that less is more. We do address this in our LIVE video recording, but if you are are looking for more in-depth information, please visit our detailed nail trimming blog.


We hope you found this helpful and enjoyed our LIVE video. If you have any great tips we haven't thought of, we would love to hear from you! Our Toronto Dog Walkers are always looking to learn and try new helpful tips.


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