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Dog Grief - A Photo Collection of WE WAG Dogs Who Have Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Photo of Nicola Smith, a Certified Dog Trainer looking happy in a selfie with her beloved dog Lyla the Rottweiler who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge
Lyla the Rottweiler - Dog Rainbow Bridge

Welcome to the heartwarming collection of memories of dogs who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge at We Wag Toronto. Each photograph is a testament to the special bonds we've forged with the incredible dogs we've had the pleasure of dog walking. Every image encapsulates the joy, and unique personalities that made each dog an integral part of our extended family. As we stroll down the lanes of nostalgia, it's evident that these dogs aren't merely pets or clients; they are cherished companions with whom we've built lasting connections. Each wagging tail and playful gaze holds a story of shared moments, laughter, and unconditional love. In this compilation, we pay tribute to these dogs who graced our walks, acknowledging that though their lives may have been short, the impact they left on our hearts is everlasting. These dogs may no longer be by our side, but they are never forgotten, forever imprinted in the pawprints of time.

A Rottweiler named lyla holding a teddy bear and a Chihulua beside her both looking very sweet
Lyla the Rottweiler - Dog Grief - A photo collection

A boxer lab mix looking happy and sweet wwith her eyes closed while standing on a sidewalk during dog walking Toronto
Meet Malta the Boxer / Lab - Rainbow Bridge Dog Memorial

photo of a Great Pyrenees Mix looking very cute with his tongue out with on a dog walk with We Wag Toronto
Fabien the Great Pyrenees Mix - Dogs crossing the rainbow bridge

photo of a white frenchie named Otis who only has one eye. He is with his dog walker in the winter and looking very seriously at the camera
Otis the Frenchie - Dogs passing the rainbow bridge

A Whaeten Terrier sitting with a mohawk in st lawrence market area in Toronto on a beauiful day
Jasper the Wheaten Terrier - Rainbow bridge dog memorial

A Portuguese Water Dog standing very still waiting for their dog walker toronto
Kiko the Portuguese Water Dog - Dog Grief, photo collection

A grey frenchie standing in the grass looking up at their dog walker taking a photo
Lucky the Frenchie - Rainbow Bridge for dogs

Maggie the golden retriever standing near the Toronto sign downtown while dog walking
Maggie the Retriever - Photo Collection

A photo of a golden doodle standing on fall coloured leaves looking like they are smiling
Clouseau the Golden Doodle - Dog Grief

A labradoodle out walking with their dog walker toronto leaning against their leg looking upwards very lovingly
Schooner the Portuguese Water Dog - Dog rainbow bridge

A bichon walking with another dog looking very happy and adorable
Casper the Bichon - Dogs Passing - A photo collection

An old labradoodle dog walking in winter with We Wag Toronto
Remie the Labradoodle - Dog Memorial

A golden doodle standing on their porch looking in the distance waiting to go for a walk
Winnie the Golden Doodle - Dog Rainbow Bridge

An Airdale Terrier out on a walk on a trail looking very sweet
Hemmingway the Airdale Terrier - Dog Passing - Photo Collection

A chocolate lab looking young , energetic and happy , dog walking in distillery ditrict area in toronto
Dakota the Chocolate Lab - Cossing the Rainbow Bridge for Dogs

A sweet old pitbull standing in front of a painted mural in leslieville toronto
Saladin the American Pit-bull Terrier - Dog Grief

A king Shepherd sitting handsome on a hot summer day with a beautiful beam of sunshine gleaming past him
Bear the King Shepherd - Dog photo collection memorial

A cavelier sitting comfy on a couch near a fireplace in his home waiting for his dog walker to arrive
Zack the Cavelier - Pet loss photo collection

photo of a cute older pup lying on a couch in a dark room
Rumi the Poodle / Bichon - Pet grief memorial

A cute young dog who is no longer with us
Sweet girl Greta crossed the Rainbow Bridge


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